Ganesha statue with moss

Ganesha statue with moss

Business card

Business card for Heather Mayer Doula

Let Lena Touch Your Face Logo

Logo design for freelance makeup artist with coordinating Facebook cover.

earthbodywash8ozcloseup for web

Round wax seal like logo of RitualBath

RitualBath Logo a bath and body brand designed around apothecary style and book of shadows look.

Flower round logo

Heather Mayer Doula Logo


Western Mugwort


Arnica flower and White Willow


Hand drawn from life or digital resources. Edited for design clarity then digitized for ease of use across platforms. These illustrations show my ability to capture three dimensions in a two dimensional media. “Every now and then a mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to it’s former dimension” … Continue reading Illustration