Halloween: Accessories Tips and Tricks

I have had my share of costumes and now with kids even more costumes are “needed” every year. Truth be told some have been store bought but most were me made. In my many years as a do it yourself type gal I have tried out many tools and mediums to create our costumes. Here are my tips and tricks for your halloween accessories:


  • Materials like wood and cardboard take craft paint well. Masking tape or hot glue to connect. Hot glue and duct tape are harder to paint but work better with artist acrylic.
  • Sculpting clay (like Primo, Sculpty etc) do not hold on to paint as easily so choose colors wisely. Once they are in the shape you want like the wings and crown of the wand above, bake them according to instructions.
  • Wood glue for wood, everything else use hot glue or if you can a glue designed for your specific needs.
  • Felt can be turned into anything, cut out shapes glue them on, create cones for horns or appliqué.

Pin this for later when your cauldron is empty and you need some ideas for Halloween.


  • Tails can be made by a long piece of felt or filling a tube of fabric you’ve sewn. Tights sometimes work, the tail when stuffed will be the girth of the stocking which would be great for dinosaurs and dragons.
  • When cutting cardboard or foam core board use a new Xacto blade and don’t try to cut all the way thru with the first pass. Multiple strokes makes for better precision.
  • Fake jewels can be found at thrift stores, hot glue broken pieces together to really bling it out!


  • Wigs are FUN and not nearly as pricy from the wig shop as you would think. Hairspray, scissors, teasing comb and even spray on colors can really amp up your look.
  • Craft stores have hair clips you can glue items on to: make a tiny hat, a talk bubble or Ears and clip it on.

This is a flower toddler costume thrown together after she decided the tutu was better on her head and would’t hear otherwise. That’s a green satin skirt I made for a friends wedding as her leaves.

  • Don’t like face paint, paint up a craft store mask like our avatar costume coming up.
  • Face paint not getting the look you want, try regular cosmetics like eyeshadows and eyeliners to draw on your skin. There are even “fixative” sprays for keeping your makeup on.

Stay tuned for another installment of Halloween tips and tricks. Next up sewing tips and tricks with the kiddos’s costumes thru the years. I have thought about my costumes as an adult and they always seem to be me trying out some facet of my shadow side. What does your Halloween past enlighten for you?


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