The mom uniform, or stylish and sane

Ah the mom uniform. I remember when I first noticed my own mother’s like of polo shirts and capri jeans, we all have something similar. Jeans and tee, athletic leggings and top. I am not calling attention to bash the mom uniform, hardly, I love the simplicity of it. I like to feel put together when I join the world outside my house, and rarely do I have the time to have a mini fashion show to figure out what to wear. I have been frequently wearing the Grainline Studio’s Lark tee in a woven Kaffe and the Colette Iris shorts or just RTW jeans (until I crack open my DVD How to make your own jeans by Angela Wolf) and tees. All great warm weather options and pockets, every mom needs pockets.


I have tried the Lark in a woven, jersey knit and now a mishmash of knit, stretch pleather and poly crepe (because it was a stash buster and I didn’t have enough of the knit). I self drafted a shoulder placket out of the pleather (just cut off some of the front shoulder and added seam allowance) and the rest was the Lark with a FBA.  I really think it’s fun with all the textures and the pattern really works well being sewn up in a light weight knit. I have also made one out of light weight jersey in black. Yes I know the basic tee, why waste precious sewing minutes on it when they are everywhere but RTW tees all seem to have these tiny cap sleeves that get smaller and smaller the more I wear them. I did do a full bust adjustment (FBA) on the Lark and it fits much better.

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 4

Earrings Honey and Ollie, Jeans the Old Navy basics I altered to not gap in the bum, shoes Sam Eddleman, kid mine


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