Finished Box Pleats, The Wedgwood By Straight Stitch Designs

The end of the month of February is always a whirl-wind for our household. There are long weekends to maximize the fun in, birthdays to celebrate and a wedding anniversary to cherish. So while it may not make sense to someone on the outside why I would add to that already packed schedule (let’s not even talk about school obligations) for me sewing is therapy and I couldn’t wait to sit down and stitch. I received a free pattern of the Wedgwood skirt to test and give feedback, I also have some affiliate links and some non-affiliate links of fun things I found while gathering the fabric and notions for this project.


Wedgwood skirt sewing pattern model

Kimberly at Straight Stitch Designs put out the call for pattern testers over at her Instagram and I threw my hat in the ring. So thankful for the chance to test a great classic silhouette, a box pleated skirt with waistband. She added some really cute modern and vintage touches with the exposed zipper in the back (have you seen all the cute zippers Joann’s carries now?) and a pocket flap that just calls for many modifications (piping, rickrack, buttons with pizzazz).

I pulled out a quilting cotton as my wearable muslin and found out my cousin back home used the same print in a home deco fabric! Family kismet, I love it. The pattern came together nicely with only a few pattern pieces and a new to me way to enclose the waist band. The Wedgwood skirt is really a pattern that could be made in a day or less. Some tips for this pattern are:

  • Press, press and more press (if you don’t have glass head pins get some you can iron right on them. These are what I use Clover Patchwork Pins, 100 EA Per Pack).
  • Pin everything, at all construction points first. I will admit I am sometimes too rushed to do this but it really saved me some quality time with my seam ripper when I folded the pleats backwards.
  • Hand baste the zipper, since it’s exposed as a design element you really want it to shine. However that could be because I have a love hate relationship with most zippers.
  • For some of the pattern testers sewing larger sizes (myself included) found the waistband sweet spot a bit higher than your natural waist. This may be something to think about when you cut out your size.

This really is a quick and cute pattern. I already have a heaver weight poly I found on the red tag table for the midi length. Some disclosures: Yes I was given the pattern free to test and review but all opinions and affiliate links are my own opinion or products I really like and use. Go to Straight Stitch Designs and pick one up it’s on sale for a limited time and a great make for you or someone you know who likes to twirl.


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